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POS NG WEB – sell faster and more efficiently anywhere in your store using any mobile device with Android OS

The POS NG WEB sales tool meets both your needs and those of your customers

Optimize the sales process in your store with the POS NG WEB system. Faster, more efficiently, anywhere in the store

POS NG WEB utilizes all cash register features – printer, payment terminal

POS NG WEB allows you to work faster and more efficiently

We are expanding the POS NG family with another powerful sales tool. The creation of POS NG WEB was inspired by the demand of our major clients who wanted to give staff the ability to serve customers anywhere on the sales floor and support sales during peak times. There is no longer a need to direct customers across the entire store to the main cash register. POS NG WEB allows sales at any location in your store using Android OS devices: a payment terminal with a graphic display, mobile phone, tablet, or PDA device.

Why shouldn't POS NG WEB be missing in your cash register system?

Support for mobile sales

Use mobile devices with Android OS as a payment terminal, mobile phone, or tablet for sales

Handling peak sales periods

Support sales during peak times such as Christmas or Black Friday and increase your revenue

Accelerated sales process

No need to direct the customer across the entire store to the main cash register. Sell anywhere

Processing e-shop orders

The system's features allow you to conveniently and quickly process customer orders from the e-shop

Implementation of new business processes

Support and introduce new, modern business processes that will give your business a new direction


Combined with the latest mobile Smart-POS payment device, an elegant 4-in-1 solution can be prepared. By using the N86 payment terminal, you immediately have at your disposal a cash register, payment terminal, code scanner, and receipt printer in one. The main advantage is mobile sales across the entire store floor, which speeds up the entire sales process and saves time for both you and the customer.


Ideal platform for POS NG WEB

Cash register, payment terminal, scanner, and printer in one

Time-saving for you and the customer

Suitable complement to standard sales

Connectivity via data SIM card or WiFi

High-capacity rechargeable battery


Product information and availability are at your fingertips

POS NG WEB enables functions such as search, product card display, price check, or verification of stock in the desired size or color, as well as checking availability in other stores if needed.

Allow customers to apply various discounts and vouchers

This powerful sales tool is complemented by features such as gift voucher payment, discount voucher application, current discounts and promotions, or customer discounts.

Handle e-shop orders quickly and efficiently

The feature is accessible from the checkout for convenient and swift processing of customer e-shop orders.

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